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Azrielle Sineater's Application

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Azrielle Sineater's Application

Post by Sineater on Fri May 23, 2014 12:11 pm

In Game Name: Azrielle Sineater
Level: 33
Class: White Mage
Play style: Healer
Playtime since launch: < 1 month
Server: Ultros

Age: 25
Gender: Female

Vent user: Not yet but will be!

So those are the blunt and straight facts. I am not your idea candidate by a mile I do not have a character at level 50 with endgame gear and can defeat titan or leviathan on extra hardcore mode (or whatever you call it, can you tell I play this game loads? Razz). What I will do is try to get there however if an FC is willing to invest time in me. I am a huge gamer geek and though I can only really play casually whilst I play, I play hardcore. An example of this is in another game Guild wars 2 I have 7 level 80's and one character at level 45 (one of each class). I also managed to get 3 legendary weapons (which do require you to invest a lot of time for just a pretty skin). So if I want something I get it. I pick up things quite easily. As a person I am bubbly and very chatty. I am sarcastic and like a good laugh. I like to help others and love, love love challenging PvE content and dungeons :3 I am a guild leader in GW2 so do not expect me to be online 24/7 but I will set aside time. I do not like being behind by any means. I also like being social and like to talk to others while I play. I find being FC-less depressing. So please say yes and I'll prove my worth. :3


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Re: Azrielle Sineater's Application

Post by Talphon on Fri May 23, 2014 10:43 pm

Thank you for the application. We will get back to you in-game the next time we see you online. Please feel free to contact any of the following leaders if you see them online:

Gaspee Rhodes
Celestial One
Mei Mei
Mala Vale
Talphon Valentinian

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