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App for guild

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App for guild

Post by Aminidab Darude on Wed May 07, 2014 11:50 am

1. You in-game name and server.

Aminidab Darude. New player on Ultros server.

Lodestone available on request (wont let me post)

logged out in ACN, main currently is conjurer (lvl 30) working up ACN to open WHM (should be done tonight or tomorrow at the latest)

2. Your jobs and Average Item Level for each job at 50.

none currently, working towards WHM first, plan to do SCH, PLD and BLM at the least eventually. likely in that order.

3. How skilled you feel you are at each job. This tells us what you prefer to play when doing events.

I feel I will be VERY skilled at healing WHM especially because it feels a lot like pally healing on WoW did, I expect to be competent at PLD tanking, and probably not very good at BLM but I want to improve that in time (also why it'll be the last of the 4 plan to open up).

4. A short statement telling us why you'd like to join Equilibrium.

I'm looking for an endgame guild to grow into, your recruitment post caught my attention because of the importance you place on helping each other. I've always found this to be very important in a guild that plans to raid (at least for long) cultivating new players to expand raiding chances, and building relationships (which in the end is what keeps people around). I'm also very big on helping others, why my main has always been a healer. I want to not only crush end game raids, but help others achieve the same without all the elitist attitudes that sometimes come along with end game raiding.

5. Added because I think it's important:

Previous MMO healing experience on WoW, EQ, Wartune, several MUD's, SWTOR. healed endgame on everything but EQ, also Tanked in WoW, and ranged DPS's in WoW and SWTOR, Melee DPS'd WoW also. I have ran successful endgame guilds on WoW, Wartune (if you can call it an MMO LOL), several MUD's, and was a raid leader through BT on WoW during BC. I take gaming very seriously, but in the end I'm there to have fun, help others, and help others have fun.

I'm usually on tuesday and thursday about 6:30 EST until I decide to go to bed, and various other times thrughout the week. currently in another guild that isnt very active or friendly that i'll be leaving tonight.

Aminidab Darude

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